Which casino game pays best?


Which casino game pays best? This is a question that is particularly troubling to intelligent players. At best online casinos Switzerland we show you which slots yield the most and how to get the most out of your play at the online casino.

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These casino games pay the best:

Roulette (Red/Black, Even/Odd)98.65%casino777.chPlay now
Blood Suckers98%Jackpots.chPlay now
Starburst (Netent)96.10%casino777.chPlay now
Gonzo’s Quest (Netent)95.97%Mycasino.chPlay now
Table: The casino games with the highest payout ratio in Switzerland

The Blood Suckers slot machine has a whopping 98% payout rate. This is the best → payout ratio (Waldinger / University of Hohenheim, 09.2016) currently available for Swiss slot machines. By comparison, this is only → 61% for Swiss Lotto (Swisslos, 2020) and even only 50% for the German Lotto 6 aus 49.

While Mega Joker is often portrayed on the internet as a slot that supposedly has 99% RTP. However, this is not true. The payout ratio at Mega Joker is only 95.05%. Still not bad. Not outstanding either, though.

Other popular slot machines are also in the average payout range, rather than at the top end. Examples? Take Sizzling Hot Deluxe from Novomatic which only pays out 95.66% back to players. Or else Book of Ra Deluxe, which only pays out 95.10%. Therefore, your best bets are the aforementioned Blood Suckers, Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest.

Remember though: the payout ratio can vary from online casino to online casino. The payout ratios listed above refer to the respective online casino in the third column. That is the only place we have been able to verify the payout ratio. You can easily get to the respective online casino by clicking on “Play now”. As a special extra, there is even a welcome bonus waiting for you. You can find out exactly what that is here → Casino Bonus Switzerland.

Play at the online casinos with the top payout odds: at the May 2024


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Payout ratios for table games

What you have to remember when asking yourself “which casino game pays best” is that there are, of course, table games. Here, the payout ratio often also depends on how one adheres to the ideal strategy. This is especially true for blackjack.

If you stick to the mathematically calculated probability strategy – for example in the form of a Blackjack table, you even get a payout ratio of 99.46% here. However, this is only achievable for absolute full professionals. It becomes problematic if you do not follow the ideal strategy. Then the payout ratio on such games of chance can drop very sharply very quickly.

By the way, roulette is also quite suitable for beginners. However, you have to make sure that there is only one green zero in play. Because then you can look forward to a payout ratio of 98.65% with the simple chance (i.e.: red or black, even or odd). Without green zero, it would even be 100%. But then the casino wouldn’t earn anything from it.

If you play the multiple chances roulette (where the bet is tripled if you win), the payout is only 97.30% – still better than many slot machines. But worse than the single chance.

How payouts work in casino games

In Swiss German, casinos are also called Spielbank. The word bank does not make sense in this context at first glance. However, if you take a closer look, you will understand quite quickly why this is the case. We Swiss, in particular, have a proud banking tradition. So most of us know that banks make their own money primarily through fees.

For example, banks typically charge a small transaction fee when they move money from A to B. This fee is very low, in the low single digits. And yet the bank makes money just by moving money around.

This works very similarly for casinos. Imagine playing a simple coin toss game with a good friend. Come head, win. Come tails, your friend wins. If the coin does not land on either result, the game is simply repeated. Now you have a fair game between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend: each has a 50% chance of winning. However, this is a bit different for professional casinos and casinos.

This is the payout ratio or RTP value

The reason why casinos and casinos cannot offer 100% fair casino games is obvious. After all, they also have to pay for their infrastructure, wages and salaries, taxes, gambling license, and inventory. So casinos, like online casinos, build a little edge into the game.

For example, in our example above, this would be possible if the casino set the following rule. Come head so you win. However, if the coin falls on tails, your boyfriend or girlfriend wins. However, if neither of the two results – for example, because the coin lands on the edge – you and your boyfriend or girlfriend lose. So in this very rare case , the organizer of the game wins. And that alone can make even a coin flip game profitable for the promoter, if only enough people play it.

It works the same way with casino games. The so-called RTP value determines how much of the stakes are paid out to the players. RTP stands for Return to Player. So payback to players.

Of course, this is an average value. These are statistical quantities that ultimately indicate the RTP value. Just like the coin game above.

A gambling operator would not win here often. Only if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend participate in the coin game frequently enough would the game be worthwhile for an organizer.

Because over a long enough time and frequency, there is of course a chance that the coin will not give a clear result from time to time. And yet there are differences in casino games.

So if you’ve been wondering so far: Which casino game pays best? Then you have asked exactly the right question. Above you will find the casino games that pay out the most. This way you can get the most out of your online casino experience. We wish you a lot of fun and of course great prizes.

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